I’m a Mom. It still feels weird to say. Even when I’m holding my son, nursing to him, tending to his every need. It feels like too loaded of a word. “Mom”.

Someday, this little man won’t be so needy. Or perhaps he will, but in very different ways. Someday, not so far in the future, he’ll be yelling that word, whispering that word, screaming it with his voice tinged with fear, yelping it with eager excitement, whining it, long and drawn out. “Mom”.

I am still coming to grips with that word. It feels strange to call myself Mom. Perhaps because he doesn’t yet. Perhaps because, five months later, I’m still in the throes of the need. Though I can feel the distance coming. He can play independently for longer and longer periods of time. He’s exploring everything he can do on his own. Five months old today, and he wants nothing more than for us to help him sit. Even better, help him stand.

Perhaps that’s why I’m starting this blog. Not for him. But for me. Because the distance is creeping up. Our lives as moms are all about preparing for the inevitable. Preparing for independence. And because I know that, I want to be sure I never lose me in all this Mom-ing. The last thing this world needs is another “Mom Blog”. I know this. You know this. So maybe you won’t read this. But that’s OK. I’m writing for me, and maybe I can help a few of you along the way.

I don’t take myself too seriously. Hopefully you won’t either. I’m going to talk here about my son, Nathan, my life as a Stay At Home Mom who previously worked since the age of 14, my forays into weight lifting, marathon training, my attempts to eat organic/Paleo/Primal, and fun clean living products I find. So, it’s a “Mom Blog”, or a “Fit Mom Blog”, or just you tagging along as I get back in shape and grapple with this new “Mom” reality.