I love the Mini Marathon. This is the only race I find myself coming back to year after year. This is partially because it’s an opportunity to go home to Indiana for a weekend, but obviously, I have to enjoy the race if I’m going to keep paying to run it. This is a beautifully organized race with a full fun crowd. And this year was very much the same, and very much different. So here it is…


We intended to meet our friend Eric at 4:00 at the Expo to pick up our packets and roam a bit. Race weekend with a baby is different though… which was pretty much the theme for the weekend. We ended up a bit behind schedule to begin with when Nathan caused an extra pit stop on the way into town. Then traffic downtown was a MESS. Worse than I’d ever seen. In previous years, we were in and out quickly. This year… man, oh man. It took FOREVER just to get near the parking garage. It took even longer to get in the garage. We finally parked, unloaded the BOB stroller, rescued the front wheel after it rolled out of the Jeep into a random car (thank goodness it was just a rubber tire!)… And we met up with Eric around 4:30.

Packet pickup was beyond easy, like every year. Packets are lined up by number, and there were more than enough volunteers. I had my packet in hand within 30 seconds. We took our traditional Expo photos… and it went downhill from there.

IMG_5144 IMG_5146








The Expo was extremely cramped and crowded. I don’t recall the space being so jam packed in years prior, but this year, there was no room to maneuver. Add in the BOB, and there was less room to maneuver. Not to mention, for a huge room of runners, it seemed a surprising few had ever actually seen a running stroller before. I had numerous people simply walk in front of me, and then look shocked that they’d been bumped. We got Eric signed up for the Monumental Marathon and then got out of there as fast as we could!

The night before the race was… different (see a theme??). Nathan starts his bedtime routine by 7:30 at the latest. So by 8:00, I was tiptoeing around, trying to get everything organized and laid out without waking a sleeping infant… Luckily I had packed well, and was able to get everything set up. I was also forced into a nice, early bedtime!

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