Howdy! I’m Stacey, Mommy, I run this show.

I know the last thing we need is another “mom blog”. I don’t want to preach. I don’t want to sanctimommy. And I sometimes wonder if I have much to add. So, this is mostly so I can chat about a few things, rant a little, express solidarity with ALL moms, and share with you just a bit about my fitness journey, things I love, a few recipes, and some stories about Mom-ing.

I describe myself as “a chewy granola bar”… I’m a little crunchy, but not full-blown. Meaning, I am all about trying to stay fit, and eat right. I’m into organic food and products, and I’m happy to try to make things, like baby food, myself. But I don’t consider myself overboard, despite my occasional hangups.

I’m a Stay At Home Mom, though I used to be a full-time working professional, and have worked since I was 14. I’ve got one little dude, and a crazy black lab.